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About Luxe Lyfe

Luxe Lyfe is a team of individuals that works with you to make your goals and dreams attainable. From working one-on-one with our Lyfe Coaching service to purchasing your first home, our team is here for you. We also specialize in credit repair. We have removed thousands of negative items for our clients to be able to enjoy the Luxe Lyfe. In the process of repairing your credit, we will also teach you financial literacy so you can maintain your credit once it is at your goal number.  Our goal is to help others create generational wealth, financial stability, great credit, and the amazing life they deserve.


Founder & C.E.O


Heather is a Los Angeles Native with over 7+ years of certified Life and certified credit coaching experience. Her vibrant personality shined bright when awarded Ms. Sacramentos  misses. congeniality. She furthered her love of speaking to others by receiving her BA in Communications. Now, she spends her time being a Philanthropist and Community builder. Her focus is to impact and teach generational wealth, how to achieve it, and create it for families and generations to come. Her goal is to teach people how to create generational wealth while living the luxe lyfe.  

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